Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm a murderer (of typewriters)

I have a confession to make: I killed a typewriter. Through ignorance and the injudicious application of a screwdriver (plus placing my trust in a close friend who may have overestimated his own skills), my Lettera 32 appears to have been damaged beyond reasonable repair.

There is a jam in the carriage, and I fear that the escapement dog is either snapped or twisted and jammed. I cannot describe how heartbroken I was when I realized that the repair was beyond my ability.

That said, the partially-disassembled carcass of my once-faithful machine is up for grabs. If any of you out there think that you can effect a miraculous repair, or if you need parts, it's yours for the price of shipping.




Richard P said...

My sympathies. I've done similar things and I hate the feeling in the pit of my stomach when it happens.

mpclemens said...

Il signore? This is heartbreaking news, Mike. I hope my dip-n-dunk didn't lead to this.

Cindy Ward said...

Why can't it be replaced? I wish I understood the mechanics of typewriters. Can't pretty much anything be repaired some way or another?

Mike Speegle said...

Mike: No, no not at all. The fault that precipitated this whole mess has been hanging around for years. That, and my own belief that I could fix it myself. Sigh...

Cindy: Oh, it's possible enough that it could be repaired, but it would require replacement of more parts than I would care to endeavor. Better to let someone else have it to resurrect another machine with fewer problems.

Ton S. said...

Thanks for sharing this. Sorry to hear. Your experience is making me think twice about tinkering with a new find. It pays to be on the safer side, I think.

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