Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Typosphere... now for your pocket-typewriter

Hello everyone -- back when Google redid the layout system and backgrounds, the old format I'd set up here got  transferred over by some kind of Blogger voodoo. If you're reading this on a phone or other narrow screen, you may not notice any difference, but all the parts that used to be over there đź‘‰ can now be found way down there đź‘‡

Figuring that we're nearly into a new decade of the 21st century, we could stand for a mild makeover every five years or so. Also: I've have finally, begrudgingly embraced emojis. So as far as this blog goes, I'm not even ten years behind the times.

Type on, good people, type on.


Joe V said...

I’m not seeing the Typosphere blog roll on the right side. Is there another link?

mpclemens said...

I tucked it down lower: basically slid everything that was on the side underneath the main posts, so now the page looks like:

* recent posts
* popular posts
* blog archive
* resource pages
* the blogroll <===
* subscribe by feed and email

Reordering is easy if this is a bad structure. Blogger just jammed everything into two, very skinny columns which forced me to reach for my glasses. ;-)

Ted said...

hmmn, perhaps an informal poll of opinions on the change - I'm personally used to being here on a nice widescreen browser and prefer the links where they were. Phone users pipe up if you prefer the new style. (:

Bill M said...

I just view it on my phone in webview so I can zoom and see the blogroll and other things. Bloggers autoformatting for phones is nearly as bad as Webs. I quit my websites hosted by Webs due to how they butchered the format. It is difficult to format for a normal computer monitor and have the same on pocket devices. I fond the same problems on most every site when I want to use my phone. Best practice is to mirror the major site to a minor site for mobile devices. I did that when I had my sites on GoDaddy. It is not 100% as search engines just pick whichever URL has the most hits so I had links to the proper site to help alleviate user frustration. Then I got too cheap to pay for web hosting and have only been using blogger the past year or so.

I do like your new format. I no longer need to zoom webview for most things.

Mike A. said...

I like this just fine. I would suggest to remove outdated posts on the top list because they take up a lot of real estate. Lots of scrolling to get to the meat of it. I would also request some color changes. Brown on brown on brown makes old eyes very tired. Nothing to flashy or loud, just different colors.

Martha Lea said...

I do prefer the two columns and just zooming in when I’m on my phone. I like to see who’s posted something new at a glance, but maybe that’s down to habit and laziness :D

JanetLand said...

It would be nice if there was a link at the top to "jump" down to the blog roll easily, instead of scrolling scrolling scrolling.

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