Friday, May 23, 2014

Selectric I ribbons available

I thought I'd post this here in case typospherians are interested:

Mike Holt ( has thousands of non-correcting IBM Selectric I carbon ribbons that have been stored in a temperature-controlled environment. He is closing his business and wants to sell these, preferably in cartons of 144 ribbons, but in smaller quantities if necessary. I got a carton and they're very nice, new old stock.

These carbon ribbons will work not only on Selectrics, but on many manual typewriters, producing crisp black text. You must make sure that the typewriter advances the ribbon quickly enough to avoid overlap of characters. I have used these ribbons successfully on Olympia SM series, Hermes 3000, Groma Kolibri, Olympia SG1, and others.

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Holt directly.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 London type-in/out

The 2014 London type-in/out will be held in the South Kensington area. The meetingplace will be the Science Museum entrance. If it's raining, we will meet right inside the entrance, otherwise by the benches outside.

The plan then will be: If raining or forecasted to rain, go to the Hoop & Toy pub (same as last year's type-in location). If clear, go to a selected outdoor location with convenient tables and shelters for a type-out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow Type - a story in the East Bay Express

Type-ins, Nietzsche, the typewriter insurgency, California Typewriter, Ton Sison, Richard Polt, QWERTY, Herb Permillion, Terry Gilliam ... this is a good story!

Check it out here.

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