Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy International/World/Galactic Typewriter Day/Days/Week!

It's Typewriter Day! Plenty of activities are on deck for the weekend, but if you've got the time and inclination, pull out a machine and celebrate today.

I packed up the Corsair and some paper in a messenger bag last night and hauled them up a hill to a local park this morning, for a typecast to come. Pro tip: Corsairs are light, but still not terribly light when packed in a messenger bag with paper and hauled up a hill. I'm accepting any and all donations of a Groma Kolibri for next year's hike. (QWERTY if you've got it.)

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How are you marking the day/days/week?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Typewriter Day 2016... and beyond!

Just a reminder to all the folks out there in the Typosphere that June 23 is our quasi-official celebration of International Typewriter Day. I feel like there's a lot more going on this year than in years past. I see lots of events, type-ins, and all kinds of impromptu communities forming around this magical machine, many posted here.

How are you planning to celebrate this year? For 2015, I hauled my trusty plastic SCM Corsair over to the local community college and played dodge-em with the leafblower brigade as I bashed out a chunk of typographic doggerel.

I'm aiming for something more peaceful and scenic this year:

View from the top

With all the recent type-ins and gatherings, maybe we need to extend the scope a bit. International Typewriter Week, anyone? Me and the Corsair are up for it.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Typewriter Arts Festival, Greenville, NY, June 11

First Annual Typewriter Arts Festival to be Held at The Greenville Drive-In Saturday, June 11

[Greenville, NY] The Greenville Drive-In presents The First Annual Typewriter Arts Festival Saturday, June 11 beginning at 6:30pm. Festival highlights include a live performance with The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, screening of the documentary The Typewriter (in the 21st Century), a display by local artists using the medium of typewriters, and a display of vintage typewriters. The Greenville Drive-In is located at 10700 Route 32 in Greenville, NY.

Admission to the Typewriter Arts Festival is $10. Tickets are available on the website and at the door.  For further information, please email or call (917) 755-2452.

First Annual Typewriter Arts Festival Schedule of Events

6:30pm Typewriter-Themed Art Exhibit in the Beer Garden
The Greenville Drive-In and the Greene County Council on the Arts are partnering to create a one-day art show focusing on the medium of typewriters. Images will be projected on the big screen, as well as on display in person. New Baltimore, NY’s Sister Salvage will host a collection of vintage machines for display and sale. Guests are encouraged to bring typewriters and join the “type-in.”

7:00-8:30pm Live Performance with The Boston Typewriter Orchestra
The Boston Typewriter Orchestra is a collective endeavor that engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire. Their performance at the Greenville Drive-In will be their first in the Catskills.

8:45-9:45pm Screening of “The Typewriter (in the 21st Century)”
In May of 2010, filmmakers Christopher Lockett and Gary Nicholson read an article on about the last generation of typewriter repairmen. Casual conversation over coffee turned toward the inevitable conclusion—a great documentary. This is the first local screening of this fascinating film.

10:00-11:50pm Screening of the French romantic comedy “Populaire”
A typewriter plays a key role in the storyline of the second film in this double feature.

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