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Support the Typosphere

Good news! 

We have blown past the 5 year renewal and have secured enough money to fund the domain for the next 10 or 15 years! (I have to see if we can renew for 15 years.) Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. will live on.

These kind people have donated. Mike is working on a special place to recognize what you have done.

William L. Bill M.
Gordon T. Peter W.
Richard P. Stephanie L. W.
Sheila C. Laura B.
Daniel J. Martha L.
Rodja R. P. Mike C.
Rob B. Gabriel B.
Loom Web Design Greek Drama Media
N.J. H. Sylvia D.
Steven K. Natalie T.

Hello Typospherians. I am reaching out to you for help. net is the front page of the typewriter internet. It's been the place to post type-in notices, share stories about typewriters in the news, review new typewriter books, and present the typewriter-loving world. Now, needs your help.

The domain name needs to be renewed and I would love to get it registered for the next five years. The cost to do that would be $100. If everyone who has loved and supported this great site could chip in a few clams we could get this domain locked down for the next half-decade.

Your support means everyone can keep posting type-in updates, typewriters in the news, book reviews, and launches for the next five years. If you are interested in helping you can follow this link to my link. I will keep a detailed record of who donates and make sure that you get special recognition.

Please consider helping raise the money for this small goal.


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