Typosphere Heroes

Thanks to the swift fingers and general kindness of Ryan "Magic Margin" Adney, this site is accessible via the domain typosphere.net. The domain came up for renewal in early 2016, and Ryan put out the call requesting a small donation to keep our domain on the books.

Thanks to the generosity of the following people and groups, we're renewed through at least 2026, with additional privacy protections on the registration information. We appreciate everyone who donated, and who went above and behind our humble goal to keep the Typosphere tapping:

William L. Bill M.
Gordon T. Peter W.
Richard P. Stephanie L. W.
Sheila C. Laura B.
Daniel J. Martha L.
Rodja R. P. Mike C.
Rob B. Gabriel B.
Loom Web Design The Typewriter Database
N.J. H. Sylvia D.
Steven K. Natalie T.

Thanks, Typosphere Heroes!

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