Friday, March 25, 2011

Tacoma type-in, and other news

  • If you're going to be in the Tacoma, Washington area on May 1, grab a typewriter and stop by the main branch of the public library. Another type-in is in the works.
  • The membership seems to have stabilized a bit in the last week or so: I made an announcement on the main typewriter-related discussion boards that I know of: The Portable Typewriter Forum, and TYPEWRITERS, both run on Yahoo. There's links to them over on the left, under the "Resources" heading. That's where many of the experts hang out, especially if you have repair questions (and who doesn't?)
  • Does anyone else feel like that blogroll is making you want to post more often? I'm certainly feeling the (friendly) pressure to keep my own blog updated. I'm seeing a boost in traffic, too (Blogger keeps stats, if you're into that sort of thing, which I am.) Rob at Typewriter Heaven just crossed a pageview milestone, and I bet you're all getting at least a little rise in numbers from, even if it's just everyone else checking out your site. I have no problem with mutual admiration societies.
  • Europe is starting to give in to the Typosphere: we're doubly represented in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and Rob is holding his own in the UK. That's five times as many members in California! (*grumble*) Who's next? We're getting traffic from nations not flagged on the map, so I know you're out there...
  • Comments? Questions? Want to be added as a contributor to this blog (meaning you can post here.) What can the Typosphere do for you today?


deek said...

I'd like to be added as a contributor.

As for pressure to update more, nah, not really. Granted, I've got my only quota of double-digit posts per month, so I'm already posting once every 3 days, sometimes more...

I do like the blogroll here, though. I've been keeping my own up to date, but I occasionally find one that I missed and update it from here.

Great idea and execution on this page!

mpclemens said...

@deek: I need an email address to send you an invite. You can post here, or drop me a line at mpclemens at gmail dot com and I'll hook you up. Same goes for anyone else who wants Awesome Posting Powers. I just need an email to reach you (well, Blogger does.)

deek said...

djkoepke at gmail dot com

Woot! Woot!

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