Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Some brief news:
  • The list of typospherians (typospheroids? typosphericals?) is updated on the map page, including locations and URLs of blogs, and we're now using the Google map set up by Rob Bowker. Thanks Rob!
  • I also added a mostly-silly description of the typosphere. You may or may not want to be affiliated with it.
  • I've tinkered with the site layout a little, and added a blog roll to the right-hand edge of the page. The Blogger code could not find an RSS feed for some of your sites. If yours doesn't show up, please let me know what URL I should be requesting and I'll update the blogroll.
  • Ryan at Magic Margin had a clever idea for spreading the typosphere word... it's worth checking out.


Richard P said...

I love your description of the typosphere, and I was just thinking that a blog roll would be good for this site. A lot of us try to maintain one, but this can be the master list. I guess any of us who have the power to publish entries here also have the power to add blogs to the roll.

Ryan said...

Strikethru's site traffic will probably go down now- I always go to her site for the big blogroll!

Duffy Moon said...

Blogroll sounds so good and breakfasty.
And what a big one you have here, too!

I see that there are more typecasters every day - some that I've apparently been missing.
Nice job cataloguing all this here (as much as can be done).

Ryan: I wouldn't worry too much about strikethru. I mean, no matter how many new buddies a fella gets, he always loves his mama. (Okay, I see that maybe Cheryl wouldn't be as flattered by that comparison as I'd intended...)

Point is, there's a ton of us (yrstrly included) that wouldn't be here doing this if it weren't for strikethru. And I'll keep checking in there, same as always.

Rob Bowker said...

Mike, have replied to you post on my Typosphere blog entry. Just looked at your roll-call and because there are new links showing as "unvisited", I could easily identify and add the new arrivals to the map, if that would help. Alternatively, send me your e-mail address and I can invite you as a collaborator to that map. Best wishes, Rob

Rob Bowker said...

PS: like the description!

Rob Bowker said...

@Ryan: ditto. My stats show strikethru as a prime source of traffic!

Art said...

mike, you forgot script frenzy. please to add script frenzy.

Strikethru said...

Rattling cane at Clemens! Stealer of thunder! For serious though, if we all try to keep comprehensive blog rolls on our own sites, we're going to bring down the server clouds. The list is getting too big.

mpclemens said...

@Art, is there musch Brigade participation in Teh Screnzy? I have to admit to being something of an ignoramus about it.

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