Typewriter Day

We celebrate World Typewriter Day on June 23, the anniversary of the granting of the U.S. patent to Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868. If you've got a typewriter, join us for an annual celebration!


It's an understatement to say that Typospherians are a little outside the norm, although the scarcity of machines in our favorite haunts implies that someone is out there snatching them up, and hopefully not just to turn them into cufflinks. This year's theme is "Type Uncoventional" and as always, please document it for posterity and linking from here. 


Revelations of domestic spying rocked the headlines in 2013, and the Typosphere responded in kind by sending snoopable messages the old fashioned way: by postcard! Richard Polt was (and is) the long-suffering target of our scattershot correspondence, and now he, too, has gone to ground, though for purposes less sinister... or so he says!


This year saw the dawn of the Typewriter Insurgency, as "occupy" movements the world over formed. Celebrations were a bit more personal this year, although we did have what may have been the first face-to-face cross-continental type-ins.


 2011 was the first year of the "typosphere.net" site, and we celebrated this inaugural year with world-wide type-ins, captured on video and shared with one another. Here's a roundup of that year's celebrations.

Shout-outs in personal blogs:
Video postcards from around the world:



And a happy Frank:

Typewriter Day 2011

Thanks for celebrating, everyone!


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I got an old Royal 10 for Christmas- how would I know what year it was made? Serial #: X 107 4362

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