Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cincinnati Type-In

I just got confirmation that we'll be able to have a type-in at Sitwell's Coffeehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, July 2, 4-6 pm.

I'd like to hear from those with experience: what are some good ways to publicize a type-in? What are some dos and don'ts that you've learned? Thanks!

Click this image to download a PDF poster.


Richard P said...

PS: This is is in connection with a typewriter lovers' meeting at my house that weekend (July 2-3). Anyone is welcome. I'll post more details on all this soon.

Ted said...

Just a tip from experience last night: Letteras are probably not best for the "public typing" tables, as it's way too easy for people to accidentally flick on the carriage lock on. We had about a half dozen people come to us thinking they'd broken the machines. :D

Anonymous said...

Best way to advertise the type in is via social media and also by placing an ad on Craigslist under events section. It also helps to alert the local news and of course be sure and print up fliers to take to coffee shops and bookstores.

Richard P said...

Facebook page for Cincinnati Type-In

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