Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Typewriter Day 2011: Schedule of Events

  • TIME: Whenever you can
  • PLACE: Wherever you are
  • EVENT: Type
Typewriter Day 2011 is nearly upon us. Take a typewriter and camera in hand tomorrow and share a little digital postcard with the rest of the typosphere.

Typewriter Day NAQ (Never-Asked Questions)

What should I type?
I'm shy/not photogenic/a vampire: I don't want to film myself.
OK, fine, but then what?
  • Upload your video/photo gallery/radio interview to your favorite sharing service. Tag it, if you can. Post a link here in a comment. Check out the other links that have already been posted, and then wait for the super-mega-after-the-fact-roundup-post here.
  • Any public sharing service will do, as long as we're allowed to link to the content. Embeddable content would be better, but not required.
  • If you have a Yahoo address and a typewriter blog, you can request to join the "Anablogger Archives" group that I administer. Please include the URL of your blog so I can sort out the real requests from the random ones. Flickr can host videos as well as slide shows, though be aware of their upload limits for free accounts.
"Tag it?"
  • Most services allow you to attach keywords to uploads. TypewriterDay2011 was suggested in the comments, and I think this sounds excellent. Feel free to use a hashtag if you're tweeting, too. #TypewriterDay2011
Anything else?
  • It's a little late now, but I think t-shirts decorated with Sholes' patent drawings would be an excellent idea. Any typospherian who is both highly creative and independently wealthy is encouraged to follow up on this. (Click the above image to jump a Sholes patent.)


Rob Bowker said...

No pressure then. Let's see what tomorrow brings - aaargh it arrives here earlier!

Robert Messenger said...

G"day Mike. The two videos I put on YouTube for Typewriter Day are at

Hope they are OK. Let me know if not. Cheers. Have a good Typewriter Day.

Robert Messenger, Canberra, Australia

Carinthia said...

Hi guys, didn't realise this was on - only found your site this afternoon. Great idea for the video uploads and viral explosion of people using typewriters in the computer age. I can only supply a photo taken today though at
I've only just remembered and rediscovered my old typewriter so you may see more of it.
Best wishes
Caroline Sully

teeritz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
teeritz said...

Okay, I thought the link would have worked, but it looks like you may have to cut and paste it into your browser to view the photos. What can I say? I'm 45 and the internet arrived at a time when I was too old to figure it all out.

I should have been driving to the train station to get to work, but how could I resist? My wife was kind enough to take the pics.

Cut and paste;


The keys are pretty faded ( I hope it's from spilled bourbon), but I plan to replace the keytop inserts one day soon.

Happy Typewriter Day, everybody, and keep tapping at those keys!

Carinthia said...

Love the old Fox, Robert! And delighted to know there is a Typewriter Museum in Canberra. Will visit next time I'm there.

Couldn't see the pix, teeritz.

teeritz said...

Darn it!

How's this?




Thanks for letting me know, Carinthia!

Richard P said...

Ryan Adney said...

Carinthia said...

Hi teeritz,
I'm still seeing 'this image or video has been moved or deleted.' Not a photobucket user so I can't offer any tips there.

Carinthia said...

That Crandall is superb, Richard. What's its vintage?

Very cool work with the Olympia Ryan - love the soundtrack too!

Ton S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ton S. said...

I dream vid

Cheers, typospherians!

Richard P said...

@carinthia: Around 1900, but I need to do some more research.

@I dream lo-tech: a well-tempered video!

maschinengeschrieben said...

My Video is online:

Rob Bowker said...

Is it here we are posting links to videos? If so, here's mine:

Anonymous said...

Happy Typewriter Day 2011 (I hope this link works):

-- Frank

mpclemens said...

Video is coming when I get it edited together, but here's a photo of where I set up for my lunchtime typing:

deek said...

Happy Typewriter Day 2011!

Ted said...

Vikram said...

Me typing on my beloved garage sale acquisition, my '71 Hermes Rocket!

I'm 17 and love my typewriter.

Vikram said...

I'm 17 and love my Hermes Rocket.
This website is awesome.

mpclemens said...

Got mine spliced together and uploaded at last:

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