Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30 Seattle Type-In: Recap

For a few moments on Saturday, the Typosphere witnessed the very first trans-oceanic type-in. Adwoa and yrs truly attended via a Google+ "hangout" (videoconference) and some of the actual attendees wrote up their experiences as well
Despite some technical hiccups, I'll call this a success, and strongly encourage folks to consider a virtual type-in if you can't make a physical one. Or we could even have standing times to hold them, if you like -- "second Saturday of the month," for example. The hangout software is well put-together (though I say this having had no luck with Skype in the past.) Anyone needing a Google+ invite can pester me or many of the others in this list. I'm if you want to drop me an email (and remind me which blog you belong to so I can circle you appropriately.)

UPDATE: innocent bystander Madelyn got drawn in by the sight and sound of a table-full of typists, and wrote up a little something on her blog, including a brief cell-phone video clip of the typing action in full swing.


Mike Speegle said...

I fully endorse the whole "second Saturday of the month" idea. And I know just when to hold it: the second Saturday of the month!

Cameron said...

I just added you on Google+. Maybe sometime I can do the chat thing -- do you all ever do just typed chats rather than video? I live in The Woods with slow satellite internits.

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