Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Venice Type-In: The Aftermath

Lots of write-ups and photos on the type-in held this past weekend in Venice, California. Looks like lots of sun and fun was to be had...
Plus, some coverage in the LA Weekly blog:
While some of the folks featured [in the film] had an almost mockable naivete -- earnestly wondering why the typewriter went out of fashion -- others recognize them for what they are: really cool antiquated devices that combine nostalgia and literary functionality.
I'll let you decide which category yours truly falls under. (I'm hoping for geeky naivete, personally.)

Did you attend the type-in or the movie screening? Drop a note in the comments and let us know how it went.


A.R.M.S. said...
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A.R.M.S. said...

I really enjoyed it. My poor husband didn't get to see the film; he stayed outside, minding the typers! So I'm hoping the chance to attend another screening will happen soon.

The true aftermath for us was coming home with two additional and unplanned machines and having to clean all six that arrived back with us. We were exhausted from the loading in and loading out and the sun, and I spent the better part of yesterday with a migraine, which was why my own blog was so late to arrive.

And to answer your question from the quote in the LA Weekly, I'd say my own viewpoint would be geeky naiveté. After seeing such a jubilation over these machines and all the people there who fell in love with them at the event or rekindled an old or continuing passion, I don't know how they ever could have fallen out of vogue in the first place.

The cult of ink, keyboard and bell is alive and well and actively pulling unsuspecting initiates into the fold!

Bill M said...

I read the blogs earlier today. Wish we had an event like that here.

Cameron said...

Geeky ENTHUSIASM is how I would describe my own interest in typewriters.

What a great event the Venice type-in must have been!

shordzi said...

A Big Step for the typosphere! Greetings from Europe!

Anonymous said...

I thought the film was great. If you've seen some of the small clips, it's basically a lengthier version, which equates to more of a good thing. I thought all of those interviews were really well edited and rearranged to present a wonderful picture of the typewriter resurgence today. Part of the fun of being at the Venice type-in was being able to meet some of the prominent folks on the film. Also, those of you typospherians who haven't had an opportunity to see the film may be excited to see your blogs appear in the film. I thought the film did as much for the typosphere as it did for typewriters, but perhaps that's because I'm only more aware of it. It's kind of like when you buy a car, then you suddenly see the same model everywhere, when you never noticed the model before acquiring one yourself.

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