Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Relevant to our interests

Here's a slideshow on "retro activities" that includes "using typewriters" AND "vintage sewing machines" in the list.  The Type-in linked to is the first Snohomish type-in.

Link here


Richard P said...


Just a couple of years ago, if I'd read something like this I would have thought it was an April Fool's joke or a story from The Onion:

"No more energy-hogging computers and printers. No more keeping up with the technology race. Manual typewriters — those click-clacking standards of old-time newsrooms and secretary pools — are back in vogue, and enthusiasts are popping up all over."

I'm glad that they recognize manual typewriters as environmentally friendly. Paper has a bad reputation in some quarters, but there is so much scrap paper to be had that it's a perfect example of reuse (and much of that scrap paper is created by computers and printers).

Ton S. said...

This is great, thanks for posting.

Bill M said...

Thanks for posting the quote. I find manual typewriters much more environmentally friendly than any PC and printer. No extra pages spitting out after an article is printed. No extra garbage printed that was not intended to be printed. And I use (or re use) all of my scrap paper and any other useful paper I can find -- can't do that with a printer. Computers -- for the paperless office. Amazing how with the proliferation of PCs paper use has skyrocketed exponentially.

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