Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Young Novelist at the Keys

Spotted on Canada.com:

Young mystery writer shuns technology while plying craft

Plante said he first started collecting typewriters when trying to think of a project to do with a visiting aunt who would soon be leaving. As he enjoyed doing restorations he suggested they fix up an old typewriter.
Plante recognizes it's time to begin gradually refining his typewriter collection. He said he will soon weed out the ones he doesn't like and focus on specialty items: continentals, or maybe typewriters from Russia. 
 Future Typospherian and Brigade member perhaps? Somebody alert the Nano Rhino!


Bill M said...

Great article. It is good to see more young people using typewriters and especially a writer.

Carriage of No Return said...

I am impressed at the size of his collection - assuming he still lives at home, his parents must be very accommodating to house them all!

It is to be hoped that he manages to build on the collection: it sounds like he treasures them.

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