Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On NPR, Tom Hanks admits typewriters have taken over his life


mpclemens said...

The eagle-eyed will notice that Mr. Hanks is an honorary member of the Typosphere: he's on the map and in the blogroll, although WhoSay does not seem to have an RSS feed option, so he's dead last. I need to write to them and see if there's a way to get a feed.

Ted said...

It should be noted that Tom Hanks did (perhaps unknowingly) participate in Typewriter day by filming himself typing on June 23:

teeritz said...

That was an interesting little snippet. I knew that Tom Hanks was into typewritrs, but for some reason, I thought he preferred desk-top models from the 1910s-1920s.
And he's right about people appreciating a typewritten note. My ten year-old son just finished a school project on Angel Falls, which was accidentally discovered in the 1930s, and he and I typed out some facts on scraps of paper to give his project a slight Indiana Jones vibe. His teacher was impressed.
I say we proclaim Mr Hanks the Hollywood Patron Saint of Typewriters...unless there's some other movie star out there with more than 160 typers that we don't know about.
Thanks for posting this link, mp!

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