Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy International/World/Galactic Typewriter Day/Days/Week!

It's Typewriter Day! Plenty of activities are on deck for the weekend, but if you've got the time and inclination, pull out a machine and celebrate today.

I packed up the Corsair and some paper in a messenger bag last night and hauled them up a hill to a local park this morning, for a typecast to come. Pro tip: Corsairs are light, but still not terribly light when packed in a messenger bag with paper and hauled up a hill. I'm accepting any and all donations of a Groma Kolibri for next year's hike. (QWERTY if you've got it.)

First String #typewriterday #smithcorona #corsair #typewriter #vintage #publictyping #sunrise #clickthing

How are you marking the day/days/week?


Richard P said...

Happy T-Day!

This is now actually a Thing that shows up on calendars around the world. And we started it right here.

It's fun to look through Instagram and Twitter to see what people are posting in honor of this day:

mpclemens said...

It is indeed a Thing! I think we tapped into a zeitgeist, or whatever one does to a zeitgeist.

Bill M said...

For typewriter Day I went to buy another amateur radio antenna, and I was given a very nice Corona 3. Look for in on my blog in a few days. I really forgot it was typewriter day. Being the day before Field Day I was involved in radio projects.

Happy belated Typewriter Day!

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