Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Contribute to an NPR story on old tech

NPR's Marketplace Tech Report is running a reader poll/story series on "Technology you refuse to give up." Let's chime in!


Miguel Chávez said...

Tried to, but they don't care about the opinion of us south of the Río Bravo. :P

notagain said...

Done, though I also mentioned my film cameras.

Bill M said...

I already filled out the form. I did not have time to load a typewriter font or contact all the fine people I have met who have greatly helped me with the hobby.

I too mentioned fountain pens, cameras and tube AF and RF equipment. I thought it a bit much though to I include Grammophones, Victrolas and Crystal Sets.

Oh, and I forgot wind-up pocket watches.

@Miguel, email them directly.

Richard P said...

I've done my duty.

MTCoalhopper said...

Done, with much thought and introspection. It's not just about typewriters for many of us, is it? I'm sitting in a library, wearing an analog watch, jotting notes with a fountain pen, and replying to a survey presented by a radio network.

It makes me want to load up my 35mm camera with black & white film, jump on my 1972 motorcycle, and explore Old Route 66 between here and St Louis.

Ton S. said...

Posted yesterday.

TonysVision said...

Done also. Thanks for the link. And I am with MTCoalhopper. I keep a daily journal with a selection of fountain pens and inks, use a film camera from time to time, maintain a l974 Triumph TR6 as a daily driver, play vinyl with vintage audio gear (including my pair of AR3s, purchased in the late 60's), and keep our family's mid-1800's tall clock wound and keeping time. I do these things not as a revolutionary, but because it feels good - they all just make me happy.

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