Thursday, October 10, 2013

Post Typewriter Repair Links Here

I'm going to go ahead and get started gathering information, as it is never too early to do so. We are definitely going to have to set up a day and time to run a Google Hangout, or set up a forum of some kind, to work out what to do after the information is gathered and set up in a primitive webpage. It's imperative to archive each submission as links and blogs aren't permanent, and I will be doing that as they are submitted. I also had some basic ideas for tagging the submissions by manufacturer, model, and repair type.

Scour your own blogs/sites for repairs! If each of us does a fraction of the work, it will be simpler for me (!) and progress faster. If you don't have much time to do so, just including the link will be fine. If you have more time, also include a little about the submission, as in this example: (plain text link)
Fixing frozen carriage and ribbon advance with a solvent (repair/adjustment description)
Facit TP2, Facit 1620 (if machine specific, manufacturer and models)


Unknown said...
Lowercase letters printing too low, related to backspace mechanism
Smith-Corona Electric 5TE
Type dramatically, erratically out of alignment
Smith-Corona manual portables
Fixing frozen carriage and ribbon advance with a solvent
Facit TP2, Facit 1620
Fixing ribbon vibrator that doesn't go down or up properly
Hermes 3000
Fixing type alignment
Facit TP2, Facit 1620
Fixing carriage looseness, sluggishness, and stiffness
Olympia SM series

Steve Snow said...
Replacing the mainspring
Remington Portable 5
Straightening keytops
Remington Portable 4
Replacing backspace mechanism
Smith Premier 10A
Escapement, feed-roller assembly (part 2) and re-springing type-bars
Smith Premier 10A
Feed roller assembly (part 1)
Smith Premier 10A

Ted said...

I'll be categorizing any "repair-centric posts from now on my blog. for right now they're here:

I've tagged four that are the most "how-to-ish":
Typewriter Repair 101: Adjusting Vertical Typeface Alignment (Carriage-Shift Typewriters)
Typewriter Repair 101: Adjusting Vertical Typeface Alignment (Segment/Basket-Shift Typewriters)
Diagnosing a problem on Remington Noiseless mechanism which causes blurred type.
Fixing a problem on Remington Noiseless mechanism which causes blurred type.

Scott K said...

Well, here's a broad chunk of posts that contain some repair tips.

btvarner said...

This is great! I know of no additions off the top of my head. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help in this effort. Bruce

Analog Communications

Richard P said...
Adjusting the rate of ribbon advance
Olympia SG1
Increasing resistance on the bell mechanism
Underwood 5
Tips on restoring a Sholes Visible
Sholes Visible

Richard P said...
Replacing bushings, adjusting shift tension, fixing silent carriage return, adjusting spacebar sensitivity
Olympia SM series

Ton S. said...

Here's an old post about y very first attempt to repair a typewriter. Perhaps this can serve as an encouragement for newbies with a Hermes Baby:

"Delivering a (Hermes) Baby for Dummies":

Rob Bowker said...

Nick, these are what come quickly to mind. Many are more renovation/refurb projects and improvisation than actual mechanics, but they should have a place too.

Also, a "toolbox" tag would be very useful, especially with sources.

I'd like to start with one of my favourites, a bike wheel spoke. Perfect for reaching under a carriage to hook-up an unhooked strap.

Cast aluminium ribbon cover repair

Olivetti Lexikon/Graphika metal carriage strap - repairing the hook

Stripping carriage and bodywork from Olivetti Lexikon/Graphika

Cover removal, Olivetti Studio 44

Easing the non-segment-related action of an Olivetti Studio 44

Carriage and cover removal, Olivetti Lexikon. Photo-guide

Improvised replacement platen knob, Hermes 3000

Improvised pinch rollers and return lever spring, Bar-Let Model 2

Trimming platen rubber, Imperial Good Companion 5

Carriage strap/drawband routing, Remington Rand Model 1

Spring tension adjustment, Royal KHM

Replacement feet (bolt-on type), Remington Rand Model 1

Refurbishing the keycomb and replacing cushion on a Remington Rand Model 1

Paint stripping, silver surfer, Underwood 4 bank. Includes materials used

Stripping a painted wooden case, Olympia SM3

Carriage rail adjustment, Olympia SMs

Rob Bowker said...

Also, it might be useful to compile a list of user manuals in one place. I always send pdfs of any I get to Shordzi as he has a good collection online. Of course, they are often of little practical value but a centralised resource would be an ideal repository for them. They are all here

Steve Snow said...

Remington Portable 5 carriage return lever

Underwood Noiseless 77 feed-rollers

Rob Bowker said...

AMC/Alpina manual in English ...courtesy of Bryan at Kentucky Typer

Richard P said...

Misc. notes on Burroughs:

Ted said...

Replace the carriage string in your 1950′s Smith-Corona Silent!

Bryan said...

Maybe we could include short video tutorials as well? See my recent post on the subject.

Unknown said...

Olympia SM Tabulator Brake repair/rebuild:

I fixed a frozen tabulator brake in my Oly SM7. It's the same idea in most of the SM line of Olympias. Here are some pics and more description:

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I have a French Remington Rand Travel-writer (which I adore!) and my housemate accidentally closed the lid shut and broke the lever. As I have nothing to compare it to it's quite difficult to figure out what has gone wrong. The lever is still attached but loose and not moving the roller (the tension is gone completely from the level and can be moved at alternative angles). I have located a small metal spring / coil which I feel is the culprit to my issue (but cannot figure out where it should be) . My friend is a common poster on Reddit and will be posting a bit more detail (with a video and pictures) shortly. I would really appreciate some input on this one! (I will link the thread once published)

Thanks all,


P.S. I have the original booklet (although quite possibly it is in French - but if anybody would like a copy just let me know)

Ted said...

Vintage and Modern Typewriter Repair Manuals:

Operation O.O.P.R.A.P. Typewriter repair PDF books

Typewriter Repair Bibles printed and coil-bound for workshop use

Kent Peterson said...

Here's a bit about using a wintergreen-oil-based rubber softener to restore a platen & rollers.

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