Friday, December 13, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area Type-In on Friday, December 27

The Typosphere's own Richard Polt is arranging a post-Christmas type-in for those in or around the San Francisco Bay Area, on Friday, December 27. Details are slowly coming together via email. Currently we're discussing something in Berkeley-ish territories, though nothing is fixed yet regarding specific time or place. We haven't even managed a snazzy graphic yet -- anyone handy with that sort of thing?

There's a rumor that participants might be involved in another documentary, too. Heck, I might even spring for a haircut in a vague attempt to look respectable (but let's not get our hopes up.)

Richard has posted a not-so-secret note about it on his blog and on the Yahoo groups, too.

UPDATE: the type-in is at 2 pm on the 27th at California Typewriter.

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