Saturday, February 1, 2014

A typewriting journalist in Geneva

A seldom-heard noise is emanating from a small cubicle at the far end of Press Room One at the Palace of Nations, the imposing home of the United Nations in Geneva.
It's the sound of metal keys clattering against paper, punctuated frequently by the muted ping of a small steel bell.
Gordon Martin, UN Correspondent for Vatican Radio, is writing his latest dispatch on the day's developments at the Geneva 2 peace talks on a 40-year-old Remington Performer manual typewriter.


Ton S. said...

This is a great, thanks for sharing!

Bryan said...

Oops. Looks like we both ran across that story yesterday. I had posted it on my blog as well--just now saw it on here.

Either way, it's a good story in need of being shared.

Bill M said...

Good to see a typewriter still in active use.

Thanks for sharing it.

Skeeter McDiesel said...

It's interesting what he said about technology getting in the way. Technological advancements are great servants, but cruel masters. Just last night at the newspaper office, our internet connection was having trouble, which flat out halts our progress.

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