Sunday, April 15, 2012

Share Your Typewriter Stories

Along with a slightly oily-musty-sulpher smell and the occasional half-used eraser, many typewriters come to us with a story attached. Gary Nicholson (of typewriter documentary fame) is collecting photos and stories to include on their website in advance of the release of their film. Here's the information from Gary:

Do you have a personal relationship with a typewriter? Do you remember using one that you loved? Your father's or your grandmother's?  Do you use one now? We'd love to hear your story and if you have a photo, all the better. We will be collecting them for our website on the Typewriter in the 21st Century to coincide with the release of our feature film in Fall, 2012.

The email for responses is:

Thank you!

Obviously the Typosphere has a few stories about, and even if you're not part of the group proper, I'm sure Gary would be happy to hear from you.

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