Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latest typewriter news from NPR and LA Times

Latest news:

Steve Soboroff collects typewriters of the famous (L.A. Times story including references to the typewriter renaissance and a comment from me).

Zach Houston makes a living composing poems in public on a typewriter (NPR story complete with a clip from Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter").


Dwayne F. said...

What a great story! The Unabomber's typewriter is even scarier looking than I would have guessed. Was skinning it really necessary?

I was reminded of the Big Bang Theory Christmas episode when Sheldon was so excited to receive Leonard Nimoy's DNA traces. Cloning potential or not, I am glad someone is preserving these pieces of history.

- a typebarhead said...

What coincidence, just last week I finally met Ermano his repair man, and he showed me photos of all those machines he restored for Steve. Marilyn Monroe's red Corona was his last. All very beautifully restored.

Bill M said...

Great publicity.

Maybe more PCs will be replaced with typewriters.

Richard P said...

Typewritten poetry is a trend. Google just alerted me to a craigslist ad that read, "working poet seeks a working manual (non-electric) typewriter so I can type poems for people at fairs, etc." (Unfortunately the ad was "flagged for removal" for some reason when I checked it.)

Ton S. said...

Great features. I especially enjoyed the first article, the lengths die-hard collectors go through to snag their coveted typewriters. And of course, there are quotes from that Philosopher Polt. ( :

Dwayne F. said...

I forgot to mention our encounter with Zach Houston. The Nelson-Atkins hosted a special "poemstore" exhibit for a month last year. The gallery walls were covered with Zach's typewritten ruminations and interesting relational drawings. I had a chance to talk with him after a curator's presentation and learned more back story than I can share in this space. He is one of those knowledgeable people that is fun to have rambling conversations with.

We went to one of his scheduled sessions in the poemstore and still have what he typed for us on the refrigerator. Sample his work here:

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