Friday, May 11, 2012

NY Times features Type Rider

The New York Times has just published a nice story about Maya Stein's "Type Rider" project:

See also:

The Type-Rider site
The Kickstarter site

Bikes and typers -- a natural combination!


Cameron said...

Thanks for pointing out this article, Richard!

A fascinating concept, touring the country with a typewriter, encouraging people to share their thoughts.

I can see it now: Typospherians going forth into the hinterlands, regaling the townspeople with their clickety-clack song like troubadours of the written word.

Rob Bowker said...

It is great fun to be a (tiny) part of her journey. The daily updates are great and I really do like the idea-turned-real of biking around with a typewriter. Sort of busking but with user-generated content.

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