Thursday, July 12, 2012

Teacher seeks typewriter donations in So. Cal. desert

Ryan Adney, you may have started a trend:


michaeliany said...

this is excellent

i wish my teachers used typewriters some

but back then it was all about the apple 2e and the commodore 64

everyone was so excited about those

the parents were proud to have their kids in a school that had computers

Ken Coghlan III said...

Looks like they have some quality typers already. That poor child's know, the one using that Underwood. Ha.
Is that an Antares I spot in the second row?

Richard P said...

Probably a Smith-Corona Skyriter.

notagain said...

Look at that Royal 440! not a bad typer, that.

Scott K said...

Just for reference sake...

Is it normal for classrooms in the USA to have to accommodate 34 students?

Ken Coghlan III said...

I suppose it depends on where you are and what school, but public schools are quite crowded. When I entered High School, they actually had a large section of double wide trailers in the back of school. These were to accommodate all of students in the school. A new school was completed 2 years later, and is immense. Even still, 30 or so kids in a class is average.

LuckyRamu said...


My class sizes range from 22-36. It is a SC Skywriter, but that typewriter is barely functioning. I will probably have to ditch it, or clip a key off of it (cent sign wedges in tight).

I have lost count but I have purchased about 18 typewriters, and it seems everyone of them needs repair :)


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