Monday, February 25, 2013

Report on the Beaver, PA type-in

Valentine Brkich has posted on the successful type-in that he organized in Pennsylvania:

Everyone, by the way, should bookmark Rev. Munk's new, which collects information on type-ins past and present.


J.A. said...

Dear Rev. Munk,

I'd be honored if you'd include the Summer Solstice I hosted In Madison, WI on June 23rd of 2012 on your list. Here is the link to the report I posted:

It's wonderful that you a documenting these events. Thank you!


Ted said...

Added!, also added this report as well.

mpclemens said...

Ted's new page is now up in the "Resources" section on the upper left of the blog... right above Ted's other project, the revised Serial Number Database.

Munkosphere, anyone? :-)

michaeliany said...

Reverend Monk - what a tremendous resource! im always curious about typeins and have probably read a lot of these, still im gonna read them all over! Thanks, man!

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