Thursday, January 16, 2014

More on India's street typists

"Every morning, as he has for the past 34 years, Ajay Kumar Nayak walks to a busy footpath outside Calcutta's high court. He sets up a rickety wooden table, places a battered plastic chair behind it and then carefully places his 15-year-old typewriter on the table."

In fact, the Remington is about 60 years old, and has survived all those decades on the streets of Calcutta. A tribute to the durability of our beloved machines!

See the bittersweet BBC story and video here.


notagain said...

Well that was depressing. Inevitable, but still depressing.

Ton S. said...

There are still corners of the world that use typewriters, he won't be the last.

Joe V said...

This reminds me of a similar street-based media technology that's fast disappearing, which is portrait photographers using portable darkroom box cameras. See this link:

Mark Adams said...

And what about organ grinders?

Anonymous said...

At 11 cents a page, it's a real bargain. You are getting a legal assistant (since they are familiar with the format required for the court) and typist for the same price.

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