Monday, September 15, 2014

Royal Typewriter Becomes Sentient, Invades Internet

...or more correctly, San Francisco Chronicle pop culture editor found at least one  Royal KMG down in the photo archives, and wrote a blog entry on it. In a move that should surprise nobody here, it types right away, with nary a hiccup.

What's more, it's started tweeting (@NewsTypewriter) perhaps channeling the spirit of SF's beloved Herb Caen, who put his own Royals through their paces. Is this one of his castoff machines? It would be interesting to dig out the provenance.

I can personally attest to the good quality of a KMG. A trip to a local repair shop like California Typewriter might be all this typer needs for another half-century of function.

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notagain said...

Good find! very amusing

Richard P said...

I believe that's just the same service decal that's on the RNP7 I've had since age 12!

Love the tweets.

Bill M said...

Enjoyed the stories. Good to know there is another good working KMG and maybe a new typosphereian in the world.

Richard P said...

My memory failed me -- my typewriter was serviced by Berkeley Typewriter Co. (not Berkeley Office Equipment) in April 1958.

shordzi said...

@Richard: fair enough!

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