Sunday, September 21, 2014

Typewriter poet makes news

From today's New York Times.


MTCoalhopper said...

Anybody else want to nit-pick and point out the Remington typewriter, and not a Hermes? Oh, woe is the condition of modern journalism, such that they can't fact-check something so obvious.

Somebody (other then me) needs to explain why typewriters are so perfect for composing poetry. They really are, even more than a fountain pen, it seems. Personally, I have no talent for poetry... but I can make lines that are rhymes with a keyboard in front of me.

So, in a world where beauty is fading, it's nice to see something as sexy as in that picture. Ms. Suskin is easy on the eyes, too. :)

Richard P said...

MT: I knew someone would catch the discrepancy! I believe she owns both a Remington and a Hermes (or an Hermès, as the NYT would put it).

Rob Bowker said...

Love the grave accent on Hermes. It looks like it should always have been there :-) More power to the lass's elbow I say!

shordzi said...

The original French spelling of the brand, by the way.

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