Monday, July 17, 2017

Joe's ABQ Made The Headlines

Looks like Joe Van Cleave's First Annual ABQ made a long trip to a local Indiana newspaper. A co-worker of mine just handed me a cut-out article from the paper and I instantly recognized Joe's name. Here is the link to the online version.

It's always fun to read about typewriters and type-ins in the news!


Richard P said...

Yes! This fine Associated Press story was widely distributed. It was translated into languages including Finnish, Hebrew, Spanish, and Chinese. And it led to an interview opportunity for me with an L.A. radio station. Moral: get syndicated!

Bill M said...

Great news! Good to see Joe busy typing.

Joe V said...

This story has spread far and wide, thanks to many newspapers who subscribe to the Associated Press wire service. And thank you to all who have made mention of this in your blogs.

Ted said...

Sweet press, man! :D

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