Saturday, October 13, 2018

Typewriter event in Auburn, CA, Oct. 27

This event at the Auburn State Theater, 985 Lincoln Way in Auburn (near Sacramento) is the brainchild of Gary Moffat, who welcomes questions at

Starting at 4 pm, there will be an exhibit of over 50 vintage typewriters. You can try many of them, and possibly win one by participating in a typing test and a 10-word story contest. A few will be for sale. At 6 pm, Richard Polt will be interviewed by Gary and local TV news anchor Edie Lambert. The typosphere's favorite cult film, California Typewriter, follows at 7. Tickets can be purchased here for $25.

 Watch this brief video for Gary Moffat's personal invitation to the event:

Here is the Facebook page for the event.


Joanne Kenzy "The Poet Queen" said...

In the late 19th century
A time of development bliss
The great gun maker Remington
Bought a patent that he could call his

Created with a foot pedal
Charming flowers stenciled on
Mark Twain spent a fortune
And regretted buying one

We’re talking early typewriter
QWERTY printing through a ribbon
In the formal business place
To have one was a given

Think of beautiful longhand
Written, mailed, received
Replaced by some ugly typeset
“Junk Mail” you’d have to believe

Computers are now here to stay
Typewriters – well, they have gone away
But look at the keyboard you use everyday
See QWERTY? Still here, what can I say?

Joanne Kenzy
April 2014
Lincoln, Ca

Richard P said...

It's not every day we get poetic comments on this blog. Yay!

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