Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Change your e-mail subscription to Welcome to the Typosphere

If you follow Welcome to the Typosphere by e-mail, you should know that Google is going to discontinue this service in July.

A good alternative is Blogtrottr. Enter http://typosphere.net and your e-mail address; you will get two alternatives, either of which will work.


amateursewing said...

Am I now a member of the typosphere? Gmail sent me a message to tell me to move to this blogger site? thanks

Richard P said...

@amateursewing: I am not sure what happened, but I suspect that you chose to be notified by email (in your case, Gmail) when new posts appeared on this site. Recently, there haven't been frequent posts. I posted now in order to let people like you know that the email notification function is going to stop working, and that I recommend switching to Blogtrottr (not Blogger). Hope this is clear! —Richard

amateursewing said...


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