Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Olympia (WA) NaNoWriMo typewrite-in

The Olympia typewrite-in is set for 11:00 am Sunday November 13, 2011 at Sizizis coffee house.

This coffee place doesn't seem to have a web presence so I have started your search for you instead.

I hope to see a typewriter platoon, but would settle for a squad.

The write-in captain down there is enthusiastic, saying "Wow! that sounds delightful! I'll totally be staying to soak up some of that twentieth-century goodness. Thanks for the heads up!"

I want to impress them - Old School.


Elizabeth H. said...

Looking forward to it!

If anyone is interested, we could wander over to Finder's Keepers afterward in search of typewriters and other retro fun stuff--they're open 12-5. I may also go to Traditions Cafe at two if we're still in town. They have free live music on most Sunday afternoons, and I've yet to check that out. Good chai, too.

Counting the days!

Ryan said...

You didn't tell the folks a time!

notagain said...

It's at 11 am. Post has been edited to include that. Thanks.

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