Monday, November 14, 2011

Sic Transit

If these don't make you smile, then I don't know what will. Good luck Georg, and watch out for uneven sidewalks!

Part I:

Part II:


Duffy Moon said...

Oh, my good heavens. I smiled quite a bit (with just a brief interruption when then one was lost in a carting accident). Somebody had a LOT of time on their hands.

Cameron said...

These videos not only made me smile, they made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

James looked at me with horror. He thinks 17 is enough.

I am amazed at the time and the talent that went into these excellent typewriter videos. And those were just the cases!

shordzi said...

what an honour, thanks for posting! I made these as I went along. good training, as the cases are ALL FULL. Ah, I remember the times when I was at number 17, in my tender typewriter youth...

Bill M said...

It must have taken more time and effort to make the video than to move the machines! Well, then he had walking typewriters. It must be nice to have that many typewriters -- until moving time. I totally enjoyed the videos.

maschinengeschrieben said...

I just reached 17 today. If my number increases with the same speed it did last half year, I'll reach 150 before my next moving, I fear.

Miguel Chávez said...

Now this is what I call a veritable collection! Kudos for keeping alive these fine and useful machines; you just made me realize that I still have a lot of work to do to build a respectable collection. And each of them still has its original case! Fantastic!!

I was wondering; do you still use your typewriters?

*reading comments*

Looks like 17 is some sort of magic number among us typewriter collectors... I've just reached that number with an Olympia SG-3 I've just found on the Net.

... Already considering building custom-made shelves for my "girls". XD

Ted said...

I try to keep my collection at 20, although today's impulse thrift store purchase just pushed me to 22. I can only justify that by saying that since 2 are currently out of the house... :D

Fer Andrade said...

Excellent video!!

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