Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indiana Jones writes to the University of Chicago

Contributed by Dwayne of Vintage Technology Obsessions:

This is a great piece of fictional correspondence. It is funny that they are so mystified. I know several people that would construct a package like this for fun!

(What do you all think of that typed label? Was it really typed? --Richard)


UPDATE: Here is the solution to the mystery!


teeritz said...

That is just too cool!

teeritz said...

I just read the update. Man, the world really is a kooky place! A one-in-a-million chance of the contents slipping out of the packaging and ending up at the University of Chicago. Hah!
I'm surprised there have been no other comments. This eBay seller (Paul) really went to a lot of trouble to construct this booklet. And yes, Richard, it is definitely something that some of us would put together for the fun of it.

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