Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hunter S. Thompson on typewriting

INTERVIEWER What is your instrument in composing? You are one of the few writers I know who still uses an electric typewriter. What's wrong with a personal computer?

 THOMPSON I've tried. There is too much temptation to go over the copy and rewrite I guess I've never grown accustomed to the silent, non-clacking of the keys and the temporary words put up on the screen. I like to think that when I type something on this [pointing to the typewriter], when I'm finished with it, it's good. I haven't gotten past the second paragraph on a word processor. Never go back and rewrite while you're working. Keep on it as if it were final.


Thanks to Amy Freeborn.


Miguel Chávez said...

And he uses a Selectric typewriter, nothing less!

shordzi said...

And then he shot it with his rifle.

H. Dogwar said...

His perspective is so spot on, even the words that come out of his mouth during interviews seem to be carefully chosen.

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