Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Typewriter Repair Store

I never get tired of reading these articles. Here's one from The Record titled Typewriter shop keeps aging relics clicking. It seems rather common that most of the typewriter businesses added a computer and printer sales and service side.

I had a laugh when McLemore described a typewriter to someone who didn't know what one was. I've actually described is similarly to kids, minus the bit about the memory.


Vikram said...

I wish the one in Chicago were still open...:( but this article is awesome!

Richard P said...

It's funny, this other recent article also uses the title "...Keeps Relics Clicking."

We love our relics!

Bill M said...

This is great. One day I need to make a trip to Jacksonville to the closest shop to me. Then, Stockton is not too far from my daughter so that gives me an excuse to make a trip for their 100 year celebration (maybe).

Unknown said...

It is interesting how ever one of these articles, representing a typewriter store is saying...
"One of the last typewriter stores..." but there are more then 4 dozen articles all related to DIFFERENT typewriter stores. If you go to google maps, and type in get so many pointers.

I get frustrated often behind my typewriter when i make a mistake...but i blame myself, not the typewriter.

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