Thursday, September 5, 2013

St. Louis typewriter project makes NPR news

A typewriter for the "What The Hell Is St. Louis Thinking?" project sits in the city's Central West End neighborhood. Poet Henry Goldkamp wants passers-by to stop and share their thoughts — without the luxury of a "delete" key.

I've mentioned the excellent project "What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking?" on this site before. Now it's getting national attention.

Read and hear the NPR story here.


notagain said...

This is a cool project, proving that if the population is large enough, there will inevitably be a few worthwhile individuals in it. I used to live in St. Louis. I know what they were thinking then, and it wasn't worth sharing.

Richard P said...

I have fond memories of my visit to St. Louis years ago, where I found my Bing No. 2.

All the best of luck to Henry Goldkamp.

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