Friday, June 13, 2014

Typewriter Day 2014

Yes, it's coming up yet again! I got smart this year and put it on my calendar, so there's no chance of it sneaking up on me unawares. Now I have plenty of time to be under-prepared.

I think we're up for a little challenge this year, so by the power vested in me by's admin panel, I hereby declare the "theme" of Typewriter Day 2014 as Type Unconventional, and a more awkwardly-worded phrase I could not hope to have dreamt up.

Your challenge, dear Typospherian, is to mark the passage of Typewriter Day -- Monday, June 23rd -- by using a typewriter in an unconventional manner: be that typing on something other than 20# white or even bypassing paper altogether or working with a broader palette than red and black. It may mean "extreme typing" a la the extreme ironing movement. Or heck, a whole art installation.

These are just ideas, of course, and as stringent and strict as the 'sphere... which is to say, not very much at all. No judging, no prizes, just a chance to unbend your brain a little and celebrate Mr. Sholes' world-changing idea.


Kay O. Sweaver said...

I would really love to hear about any interesting things people are doing typewriter wise in the San Francisco bay area. I'm shooting a documentary about retro-technology and am excited to see what people might be doing!

Bill M said...

Well, as usual, I forgot all about Typewriter Day. Had I not just read about it on Robet Messenger's blog I would not have found this post and it was posted last week. I guess going out of town has really put be behind schedule.

Elizabeth H. said...

My contribution is kind of late due to technical difficulties, but it's there!

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