Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Typewriters in the Mainstream News

I was certainly surprised to see this article pop up. I am curious as to what sort of "special typewriters" the Kremlin is using, but they put in an order for just over $14,000 worth of electric typewriters recently.


notagain said...

If the order was through ebay, 14 grand would get them two valentines, an Oliver, and a Bennett. But not shipping.

MTCoalhopper said...

... and, there's no telling what condition they would arrive in.

What does this international trend mean to those of us who own a few machines? We are sitting on a potential goldmine! That rusty Remington Noiseless 7 I bought for fifteen buck is now worth a gazillion deutsche marks or rubles.

And, a note to radicals who think they hate us: All Americans are not evil, just the unaccountable parts of our government. We don't like them, either. Don't blame us; we didn't vote for the NSA. :)

Richard P said...

According to some news reports, the Kremlin typewriters may be Triumph-Adler Twen 180s.

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