Thursday, September 25, 2014

Typewriter poet hits the big time

He has half a million followers online.
50,000 copies of his new book are already in print.

Tyler Knott Gregson's poetry really took off
when he started typewriting it.


teeritz said...

You know, I may just snag a copy of this book. His daily haikus are well thought out and have a beautiful lyricism to them. Congrats on getting published, Mr Gregson!

Richard P said...

I have his book. It's very attractive and he's a gifted poet. He keeps finding new ways to express passion and tenderness.

Rob Bowker said...

Wow! I like his work, especially for his brevity and lyricism but I just assumed he was another hermit poet posting his stuff online. Thats a healthy following and a massive impression for his book, especially considering it is poetry - must be some sort of record in this day and age.

Justin Lamb said...
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