Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hermes Baby on air

Swiss Radio DRS had a two hours feature on typewriters on May 30th. I was honoured and happy to be invited as an expert. My friend Alfred and I had a great time, and response from the audience was great. The show featured interviews with Swiss writers Franz Hohler and Milena Moser, fellow typewriter collector Stefan Beck, a long-standing typewriting teacher, professor Sandro Zanetti (on the relationship of writers and their instruments), and myself (in particular on Hermes / Paillard typewriters).
This Hermes Baby from 1944 had its 120 minutes of fame on the Swiss radio
There was Q&A, and mails kept pouring in during the show. Everybody had a good time. There was a fine selection of typewriter songs as well. On the train back home, a man commented on my typewriter case saying that he had just listened to a show on typewriters this very morning - and I heard one more typewriter story.

For those proficient in Schwyzerdütsch (Swiss German), you can listen to and download the show here.

cheers, shordzi


Ted said...

I am sad that I can't understand Swiss-German. ):

But many congrats anyway! :D

Ton S. said...

Great to hear.

Unknown said...

Hi guys, I am in proces of buying a Hermes Baby and there are two machines i am offered: 1938 and 1954 Hermes Baby. What do you think is all-around better. Thank you

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