Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alan Seaver on TV

Don't miss this TV segment about Rochester, Minnesota collector Alan Seaver. It's well produced, and Alan does an excellent job of introducing the world of typewriters. Anyone who sees this and doesn't want a typewriter simply doesn't have the gene.

The goodness starts at 10:35.


Ted said...

Yet another awesome piece! Typospherians are very photogenic and lucid (:

PS: too bad about that magnificent ponytail being gone now.

deek said...

Excellent segment and thoroughly enjoyable!

Duffy Moon said...

Alan: I see you're attempting to bring some sober respectability to typewriter collector that I just don't think we need. More crazy-eyed-luddite, less well-spoken sensibility.

Seriously, though: that was fantastic. Apparently you are not afflicted with performance anxiety - I can absolutely FLY on a typewriter, until someone looks my way or points a camera me-ward.

MTCoalhopper said...

That part about typewriters being antiques you can use was especially good. It's OTHER collectors who must be crazy, because we gather objects of continued usefulness.

Pointing out the historical place of that "Nazi" machine was proper, too. (I've seen one on eBay with the symbols covered.) Bad stuff happened, back then, and maybe that actual machine had a part in making history. Let us learn from the past, even if the lesson is not one to be proud of.

Strikethru said...

Alan was great, loved this segment.

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