Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anyone Still Using a Typewriter?

I think we can find a few people to reply to this post, can't we?

Drop a (typewritten) note to:

Don Worthington
c/o Rock Hill Herald
P.O. Box 11707
Rock Hill, SC 29731

"Please include phone numbers with your correspondence." Those of you luddites who own a phone, anyway. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think I'll send him a letter even though I am nowhere near local to him. Seems like the more people who respond, the better.

deek said...

I'm always looking for a reason (doesn't even have to be a good one, but this one is) to write a letter, so why not?

MTCoalhopper said...

The only incentive to respond IS the opportunity to write a letter, and to do it on a typewriter, to boot. Otherwise, I'd just direct 'em to that l-o-n-g list of typosphere denizens on this and other sites.

It just stuck me that we are keeping the post office in business, sending hard-copy mail and occasionally whole typewriters to each other. At least we're getting something in return for OUR tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Technically, the USPS is not taxpayer funded, though I whole-heartedly agree with helping to keep them in business via snail mail.

mpclemens said...

I wrote up a note last night after finding this, despite being on the opposite coast. That was incentive enough. And it's my usual they're-in-offices-still-but-hey-have-you-heard-of-the-Typosphere-perhaps-you-should-Google-it screed.

Robert Messenger said...

I've left a comment plus sent an email, pointing out a few facts of life. One point I made is that people should really try to lift their hoirzons when talking about typewriter use. Please don't take offence at this, since none is intended, but the world really doesn't begin in California and end at New York Island. It stretches beyond the redwood forest and the Golf Stream waters. There are other parts of it. Other bits were typewriter use is still widespread.

Robert Messenger said...

I meant Gulf Stream, sorry. Getting a bit worked up here ...

mpclemens said...

Of course not Bob! I was just making the point that California is about as far removed from North Carolina as one can get in the continental U.S., and I still chimed in with a letter. No offense taken.

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