Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Origin of "Typecasting"

Did you know that the term "typecasting" was apparently coined by Paul Lagasse in this blog entry from September 20, 2005?

His blog, Sotto Voce, is still going, and he's still typecasting. Good going, Paul.


Strikethru said...

It was that post exactly that inspired me to start Strikethru.

pdlagasse said...

Wow, I'm flattered and honored! Thanks for the hat tip.
Way back when, Sotto Voce wasn't even a blog, just a really long web page. Strikethru's wonderful example convinced me to make the switch to blogging software.

My membership in the typosphere lapsed quite a while ago, but it's a pleasure to see how it's been growing as a community. Cheers and success to you all!

Richard P said...

Paul, since you're reading this blog and you're still typecasting, I think your "membership" is going strong!

mpclemens said...

You're on the Official Roll now, Paul. There's no backing out. :-)

Ted said...

heeee's dooooomed!

word verification: "ressesti" as in "resistence is futile!"

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