Friday, May 6, 2011

Your (Late) Monthly Stats Update

It's kind of cool that Blogger offers automatic traffic stats, although since this site is mostly just a launch pad to our own personal ones, there's not a lot of Great Truths hidden in the numbers. But for those of you who enjoy such things, here's a little rundown on the Typosphere's second full month of life, a few days late:
  • 5,791 pages turned total since the start of the site
  • 3,027 pages turned in the last "month" (2011 Apr 7 – 2011 May 6)
  • We roughly average about 100 views a day, some days flirting with 200 views. It's pretty steady all day, so my obsessive reloading isn't skewing the results.
  • Firefox accounts for 49% of browser traffic (see obsessive reloading, above.) Chrome, IE, and Safari are neck-in-neck around the 15% mark.
  • All time most popular page: the initial roll call post (155 views), followed by the Los Angeles type-in announcement (56 views) and then the origin of the term "typecasting" (46 views.) I've surely just messed up those numbers by linking to them.
  • Top traffic sources:,, and
  • Traffic comes from the same countries as our map, plus Canada ranks highly. Any Canadian bloggers hiding out there that want to be added? Just post a reply.
  • "typosphere" as a search term leads people here the most, in various forms, though "matt cidoni" and "la vie graphite" are vying for fifth place. It's a battle royale for this dubious honor.
  • This site is still ad-free, and supported purely by your collective awesomeness. Keep those fingers on the keys!


Strikethru said...

You can exclude your own IP from stats tracking, yes? Maybe not in Blogger? I use Statcounter, in which you can do that.

mpclemens said...

You can set it to block your own browser, which sets a cookie. I clear/block those regularly, though. It's probably a safe guess that I am responsible for many reloads, as I'm too lazy to maintain my own blogroll any more. :-p

Ryan said...

As are all of your admins.

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