Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brother, Could You Spare a Typewriter?

Shameless begging time here, everyone:

Gary Nicholson -- producer of the typewriter documentary that's being filmed now -- is looking for ways to separate otherwise hardworking people from their cash, though he's calling it "securing a round of funding," which is some kind of made-up movie-guy talk. (Hi Gary!) They're exploring the idea of setting up a project on Kickstarter to crowd-source funding. I am told that in no what whatsoever will Gary and Chris The Director be blowing this cash on lattes and grillz and such, but will use it to fund a trip out to the east coast of the U.S.: the details of their wish-list are outlined on their web site (scroll down near the end.)

Anyhow, Gary asked if I would write something -- and I bet he's regretting that decision right now -- to see if anyone would be willing to part with a good condition, operating typewriter as a reward for a level of Kickstarter pledge. For those not familiar with Kickstarter, each project typically offers tiers of rewards based on the pledged amount, from a sticker or postcard for lower-level amounts, all the way up to a (thing) for the higher levels, where (thing) is the (thing) being funded. (A gadget, or a piece of art, or whatever.) Gary's idea is that the first person to pledge at a certain level will receive a typewriter offered up from the vaults of the Typosphere itself. In return, the machine donor will get:
  • An "associate producer" credit and special thanks on the film
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling that you've infected some other soul with the typewriter bug
I bet you could swing a latte out of Gary the next time you're in LA, too. You're on your own for any dental work, though.

Gary's offered to send a UPS label to the machine donor if they make their funding goal, so you'll hang on to the machine until that happens. Doing a little research on proper machine packing isn't a bad idea, either, as we don't want this to turn into a horror movie.

So, Typosphere, here's your chance to pare down the collection by one. Up to your ears in Silver Surfers? Keep stumbling across mid-1960's Smith Coronas? Consider offering it up to Gary and some lucky bidder, and get a little ego-stroking in return.


Ted said...

I do have a mid-60's SCM or two that work well, but are really not much more than "extras" in my collection. If they're taking care of the postage, I could part with the machine and pack/send it (:

Anonymous said...

There was direction! You did it! Well written piece here! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

@Ted that would be great! Thank you!

notagain said...

I'm late but I'm going to offer anyway. I have numerous machines to contribute. Adler J's, SCM's, and others. Contact me for a list.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to donate a fifties Royal Quiet De Luxe or an SCM Sterling. Contact info is on my blog.

Richard P said...

Do I detect a reference to moi in the talk of Silver Surfers and Smith-Coronas?

I would be glad to donate my recently created Sterling Silver Surfer to the noble cause if it would be useful.

mpclemens said...

I only picked on people who whine about how many extra machines they find just sitting around, waiting for adoption. The fact that you seem to attract them every time you drive past St. Vinnies is purely coincidence.

In another topic on Google+, Gary said that they would be willing to do multiple machine giveaways (maybe a raffle?) If you've got the surplus and are willing to part with one -- even a vomit one! -- I think it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

@notagain: How do I get a hold of you to see your list of machines?

Anonymous said...

@ted: Looked on your blog and can't find your email. If anyone has Ted or notagain's email, can you please forward them to me? snohomishwriter and Ricahrd P you guys have mail!

Ted said...

Fear not, I have forwarded my contact details to the appropriate personages.

Crossing fingers that you get funded and someone can enjoy the Classic 12 much more than I have the opportunity to. (:

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