Thursday, December 8, 2011

College students hold a type-in / letter-writing social

Manual typewriters are enjoying a comeback at Amherst College.
Like most American institutions, the college has a thriving party scene, where students who want to socialize can knock back a few drinks and grind the night away to pounding bass lines.

"But we also have a large part of the population who really aren't inter­ested in dancing in a dark basement," says Crista Reed, assistant director of student activities. So this fall the college started "Amherst After Dark," a 10 p.m.-to-2 a.m. program meant to provide consistent social options for students who want to stay out late and remain sober.

As one of September's activities, Ms. Reed proposed a "letter-writing social," hearkening back to her own days as a "slightly dorky undergrad" at Roanoke College who eschewed late-night parties in favor of things like writing letters to relatives and high-school friends. This fall Ms. Reed ordered three manual typewriters, some hand-cut quill pens, stationery, postcards, postage stamps, and even wax cartridges for a hot-glue gun so that students could art­fully seal their letters without using open flames.

She was expecting 150 to 200 students to show up. She drew 350. ...

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Adwoa said...

Yay Amherst! I've never been prouder of my alma mater. Great that this is making the news; I hope other colleges follow suit. I wish we'd had this when I was there; I would have discovered typewriters a whole lot sooner!

*Wonders whether it would be fun to spray paint a Hermes 3000 purple and send it over to the Pioneer Valley... hmmm*

Rob Bowker said...

Typing and the Temperance Movement - who'd have guessed? Thanks for posting - very interesting.

Bill M said...

Neat, A purple Hermes.

deek said...

Why not mix them as I'd figure a lot of good prose could come our of drunk typewriters:)

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