Friday, August 17, 2012

iTypewriter Gives Your iPad a Retro Feel

Image courtesy of The Inquisitr

Click here for more on the iTypewriter.


mpclemens said...

I claim shenanigans (and CGI.) I can't see anyone smacking their $500 toy with typebars -- we see what it does to paper! There's a lot of force at the impact point of a manual machine, which this is based on (Lettera body and keys, it looks like to me.) Type... type... crunch!

Second. an earlier version of this (which was an April Fool's joke)
already made the rounds some time back.

I'll stick with the USB Typewriter or my AlphaSmart.

Mark said...

I think this could be real, it looks like it might actually work, unlike the one before. It isn't unlikely the hoax one inspired someone to build a real one.

I like it.

deek said...

Observation 1: The typebars have some rubbery pads in place of the type element.

Observation 2: There only seem to be one row of typebars while there are multiple rows of keys needing tapped on the iPad.

Observation 3: The description mentioned a "dock", so the typebars may just be decoration with the typewriter keys being an electronic switch via the doc.

Observation 4: At the end of the source page it mentions the artist and other "conceptual" projects.

I am siding with Clemens on this one as a non-functional concept.

Ken Coghlan III said...

I looks real enough to me. At the beginning of the video, you can see that there are multiple rows of typebars, and I believe the iPad has a three bank keyboard as it is. Also, all rows of keys are accounted for as far as use is concerned in the video.
Sure, it could be some sort of CGI or something. Or it could be real!

Richard P said...

The video looks convincing to me. I think he put lots of effort into creating a real, physical device -- with a pretty silly function. The USB Typewriter is far preferable, I'd say. But this is cute!

deek said...

I should have watched the video before I sided with Clemens:)

mpclemens said...

The concept may be a real, physical object, but I think the video is faked. The "slugs" traveling up to the iPad look fake to me. Given the amount of engineering and mechanisms required in a typewriter to get the bars to all focus at a specific print point -- thank about all those linkages, hinges, pivot points, springs, and screws! -- I still lean towards the "it's a concept" end of the scale. I find it unlikely that someone could manufacture such a thing with the precision required to touch the screen exactly in the right place and exactly light enough.

As a concept, it's pretty! Not terribly practical, but typewriter collectors are hardly in a position to complain about being practical. :-)

Scott K said...

I call real.

And I do so, because I feel that this is actually really disappointing. Sure, it is a conceptual design, but it is actually a really bad design. Those conductive rubber pads might be okay for some, but from a design point of view, you're putting stress on a screen that doesn't need to be there.

The design is quite simple, and anyone with a reasonable tooled workshop could do this. I could quite happily design someone up a shell to place it in that can be produced at the 3D printer, if you'd like.

A spring loaded switch keyboard setup and a USB connection would be far more useful and versatile. There's a lot of wasted potential here. The USB typewriter is a much better idea, as you do actually have a printed copy, and the capacity to send the signal to a computer or an iPad... Or one of those android things.

But it is a cute idea. But I really do feel hammering the screen is far from the ideal way to accomplish this. The springs needed to keep the key return would be so soft, that you could never type on this with serious speed.

Scott K said...

Hmmm.... Over use of the word 'design' and 'but'.

Yep... it's a saturday.

Mark said...

It wouldn't be hard to design at all. The keyboard on the "typewriter" and ipod are the same, so each key just needs a straight linkage to the screen.

deek said...

Looks like a lot of news outlets are picking up this iTypewriter story. That means we were a little bit ahead of the story!

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