Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 of History’s Most Beautiful Typewriters?

Take a look at this list and suggest corrections.
For myself, I love the Hermes 3000, but as striking as the looks are, I wouldn't call them "Beautiful" and I can think of three machines - SM3 and two Remingtons - I would put in this list instead.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the FARK thread on this story:


maschinengeschrieben said...

Wow, more typewriters over at Gizmodo - and an unexpected appearance of Georg's video! The ICO is clearly missing, as is the Studio 44.

michaeliany said...

beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder but i must say there is typically a consensus attained about the tops.

say, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman (MY FAV OF ALL TIME).

or the mercedes gullwing or a late 50s ferrari gt

van gogh's starry night and monet's lillies

so goes with typewriters

certainly the ICO
and certainly the remington 5/streamliner

i am also partial to the 1950s Voss and i think the late 1930s underwood portable is sexy too.

Ton S. said...

No Olivetti Ico?
Wait, I can't complain, Olivetti already has 2 out of 10.

A.R.M.S. said...

Well, I'm a bit partial, but...

Oliver No. 3

Blickensderfer (any!)

Remington Noiseless Seven (certainly my favorite among my personal collection!)

I could list many others, such as 1920's Erika's, Studio 44, Fox...

Too many beautiful typewriters, too little time!

notagain said...

Ha - that was my first reaction! List fails without Blick!

Bill M said...

The list needs the ICO and Blick and perhaps an Oliver and the modern ones can be left aside.

wordrebel said...

No Blick. Ah well...the Hammond was there, so I'm a happy guy! I'd add most any Underwood from the early 30s - simple lines but very elegant.

Miguel Chávez said...

I would include the Oliver 9, the Olivetti Lettera 32, and the Remington Portable 2, and ditch the Valentine. Oh! And I agree, I would include the IBM Selectric in that list.

Dwayne F. said...

Picking ten machines would be extremely difficult. I also would include the Olivetti ICO. I like the Groma Kolibri and still intend to own one at some point in time. In the obscure typewriter category, the Groma N is nicely sculpted and looks wonderful in person. It isn't as seamless as a Voss, but it is nice for its era.

While I haven't seen a Fox or a Hammond in person, they appear to be especially photogenic.

deek said...

Sounds like the typosphere has a new meme to share. Let's everyone post our own top ten most beautiful typewriters!!!

Annalese Stradivarius said...
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Richard P said...

I wonder where they got the idea that the Mignon was electric! Maybe because it was made by AEG, the GE of Germany?

And "Scholes"?

The Simplex doesn't do anything for me in the aesthetics department. I'd substitute a Voss, or a Smith Premier no. 1, or a Franklin, or ..... gosh, there are so many beautiful typewriters.

Robin Heilschild 【蓋面】 said...

The most beautiful typewriters, uh?

From Olympia, I consider the SG 3 and the SM 9 as the most beautiful models. Their boxy designs are cute. The SM 9 seems the daughter of the SG 3. And the SG 3 remembers me a spaceship...xD

From Olivetti, I consider the Linea 98, the Studio 46 and the Letteras 31 and 32 as the most beautiful models due to the same reasons that the Olympia models. The Lettera 31 seems the son of the Linea 98. The Studio 46's blue shell is fancy. The Lettera 32 has a special meaning for me, related with my own life, but putting aside this fact I love its functions. The Linea 98 remembers me a Panzer (WW II German war tank)...xD

From Remington and Underwood, I consider the Noiseless 7 and the model 77 as the most beautiful models. Their rounded shapes and the fact they are "noiseless" makes them lovely and interesting...xD

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